Utah Utes Athletics: Big Sports Saturday…

Today is a pretty big sports day considering its early April.

First the Gymnasts are set to do their flipping best at the NCAA Regionals in our own JMHC.  There is hope for some measure of revenge against Nebraska who beat Utah on senior night.

Next, we have the football team with a serious spring scrimmage set to test the offense.  This is a big scrimmage to watch.  Spring Ball tends to have a pattern, the first scrimmage is dominated by the defense, but if your offense is going to be good it should show something in the 3rd scrimmage after its had a couple of weeks to work on things.  Can’t wait to hear the various opinions.

Wholly Molley we have Rugby news.  Seems Utah and BYU are facing off in something called the Wasatch Cup.  I’m going to endeavor to follow things like this more closely so when I BYU fan taunts me with, “well we won the Wasatch Cup,” I’ll know to be duly offended.

Finally the Pingin Utes continue their series against #4 Arizona.  Shockingly Utah took the first game of the series.  Did you people know we were playing the #4 ranked team in the nation?  Did you know the game took place in Utah?  Did you know there are more games against the #4 team being played in Utah?Well know you do.

Also the Lady Pinging Utes play #1 Ranked Cal.

P.S. Utah paid 500K to get out of going to Logan in 2014.  Sounds like a bargain to not have to go to Logan.