You might be a Washington Husky fan if…

Essentially a metaphor for the last decade of Husky football
Essentially a metaphor for the last decade of Husky football /

– You think the state of Washington goes from Puget Sound to the Cascades

– You spent more on a bottle of wine for a tailgate than your game ticket cost

– You spent three hours tasting cheese to get the perfect one to go with that bottle of wine

– You take your boat to the game, but don’t actually make the game

– Don’t understand why they don’t serve salmon dogs at the Stadium

– You are shocked to find out that people think Oregon has a better football than you.  Nothing in Oregon is better than in Seattle (which you think is the whole state of Washington)

– You have a collection of ironic t-shirts

– You’re O.K. with rapist Tight Ends

– Your linebackers kill drug dealers in disputes over money, but keep playing.

– You thought it was a good idea to hire Rick Neuheisal, but pretend you didn’t

– You thought it was a good idea to hire Tyrone Willingham, but pretend you didn’t

– You gave Billy Jo Hobart $50,000

– You hate Barbara Hedges

– You think your several probations are a plot by USC to stop your greatness

– You enjoy the smell of your own farts

– You enjoy your lattes as tall non-fat half caf with extra foam and will send it back if there isn’t enough foam.

– Your game day attire includes sandals, socks and an REI fleece

– You wonder why Washington State is called Washington State since it isn’t in the state of Washington

– You are offended that the toothless, meth addict, hillbillies from Washington State are considered your rivals.

– You consider the rule against paying players really more of a guideline.

– Your basketball coach quit playing Gonzaga because he was 1-8 against them

– You had BYU steal a Mythical National Championship from you

– You think Dicks make the best hamburgers in the nation

– You don’t understand how Jake Locker didn’t win the Heisman

– You as arrogant as USC fans, but no one knows why

– You have the worst fight song in the Pac-12