The Pac-12 and I

All Hail St. Larry
All Hail St. Larry /

(Editors Note: Today is the day where Equal Time with Larry from Lehi appears, but Larry is on a 72-hour hold at the Utah State Hospital after freaking out at the Utah-BYU game.  We hope he recovers soon.)

We here at The Corner thought we’d take this chance to look at where the new conference is after three weeks.

I’ll start with Utah since well, I’m a Ute fan.  And as a Ute fan its pretty sweet.  Sure being Ute fans we had our usual freakout after the Montana St. game.  I mean every I-AA team we play Kyle runs like 4 total plays and the games are never in doubt, but Ute fans always have to melt down because of a lack of RUTS and come up with an odd conspiracy as to why it didn’t happen.  But then we battled USC to nearly a draw and then crushed the Zoobs.  If Utah wins its next two at home, it has all but locked up the South.

Next we go to Colorado.  We’re nominally Colorado fans here in the Crimson house as the wife attended college in Colorado.  CU was supposed to be terrible, horrible, no good very bad.  And after the Hawaii loss that looked to be true.  But it seems there may be hope among the hippies as an OT loss to Cal and a win over CSU shows that at least CU will play hard and you’ll need to bring it to beat them.

Will you people please stop beliving in Dennis Erickson.  He is a drunk undisciplined coach and his teams will never ever close the deal (except for that one team he inherited at Miami).  He will always blow a game.  Seriously at this point is anyone in their right mind going to take Dennis Erickson in Salt Lake City in three weeks.

Mike Stoops is not a smart but he does know what love is.  Of course if love was what his team needed they would be good and they are not.  Between injuries and just piss poor coaching decisions, this Arizona team won’t be a threat.  But I got to attend their pre-game last week and these folks can party.  But memo to Stoops, when the other QB would have been the #1 pick last year, he’s probably going to recognize a blitz.  And after he’s lit you up twice blitzing, STOP DOING IT.

Man Lane Kiffin just seems like a total dick on all levels.  But he still has talent and his daddy can coach so this ‘SC team is a force to be reckoned with.  As much as I hate to say it, I’ll be cheering for him to beat Drunk Denny and the ASU Shockers err Sun Devils, but only because it helps the Utes.

Wow the Pac 12 South is full of taintstains ain’t it.  Drunk Denny, Kiffikins and Slick Rick Neuheisel.  Thankfully or maybe not so, his time in Westwood will end not with a bang but with a whimper.  UCLA v Oregon St will tell just how bad the Bruins are.  One hell of a pick to win the South Herbstreit.

As for the North, Cal looks like a very weak ass 3-0, with wins over Pat Hill at Fresno and his motto of lose to anyone anywhere anytime, OT at Colorado and a win over a school I’ve never heard of and that is saying something.  Jury is out on Cal.

Stanford is really really good.  Andrew Luck is really really good.  Jesus how many more advantages do these people get, first they get Stanford degrees and now winning football.  Not fair.

Oregon St.  What in the hell happened.  Suddenly you’ve become Wazzu.  I don’t understand.

I’ve decided that Oregon is essentially one giant gimmick with really athletic players.  Their offense is hard to prepare for in a week and they have enough athletes that they will pop something.  But give someone three weeks and they have athletes, Oregon is very beatable.  Its why Oregon might very well win the Pac-12 and get slapped in a bowl game.  AGAIN.  I think I hate you Oregon.

I watched part of the Washington-Nebraska game.  I’m not sure I get what Sark is doing up there or why so many think he’ll be successful.  He’s got a real Mike Stoops feeling about him.

And Wazzu, God help me I love ya.  But when you fire Paul Wulff, please hire Robb Akey.  He is who you should have hired the first time.  He’s a great guy a very solid coach and he’d love it and end his career there.


Pac 12 title game Utah v Stanford.  And as much as I’d love to pick the Utes, wow Andrew Luck is really really good.