Mandi the Sorority Girl Picks the Pac 12

Delta Delta Delta can we help ya help ya help ya
Delta Delta Delta can we help ya help ya help ya /

(Editors Note: As you know we were forced into allowing Mandi to write this column.  But the she went 7-1 Against the Spread Last week, so we thought we’d run it again.)

WOOOO.  Its super great to be back here.  And I guess I did good picking games.  Someone told me I was 7-1 Against the Spread which I guess is a good thing.  But so much more exciting, I got the cutest Coach Purse for 40% off because my friend Bethany is sleeping with a guy whose mom is some sort of purse seller.  FANTASTIC.  It is just adorable.  I think I’ll get a little puppy to carry around in it.  However my daddy tells me I’m here to pick who is going to win these games.  So lets get to it.  WOOO.

Colorado -7 vs Colorado St

This is such a tough game.  On one hand Colorado girls are so dirty and hairy, I mean they don’t shave anywhere.  On the other hand CSU girls are fat and chew tobacco.  At the end of the day, Buffalos are endangered so we need to love and save them.

Texas -3 at UCLA

Another hard game.  The girls at both schools are whores and normally I would always pick baby blue over that horrible orange.  But even I’m know enough to pick a Rick Neuheisal coached team.

Washington +17 at Nebraska

On one hand we have a cool town with great classic rock in Peral Jam and Nirvana.  On the other, I don’t even know what a Nebraska is.

Missouri St at Oregon and Presbyterian v Cal

I’m told neither game has point spreads, although it seems strange that Cal is playing an entire religion.

Washington St +5.5 at San Diego St

Now like we said last week Wazzu is full of fat girls who normally aren’t scary.  But this week its fat girls in San Diego on the beach and their white flesh will scare everyone.

Illinois -2 vs Arizona St

Fuck those Arizona State Bitches, total sluts.

USC -16.5 vs Syracuse

As we discussed last week.  USC girls are little rich sluts.  But Syracuse is just a color and I rarely pick a color to win.

Utah +4 at BYU

Here is a little secret.  BYU girls are total sluts.  Somehow they think they aren’t because its all blow jobs and up the butt.  But they are just like Arizona St, maybe worse.

Stanford -9.5 over Arizona

See here is where you can’t beat my kind of analysis.  Normally, I think kitties are totally cute.  And I never pick teams that are just colors.  But Andrew Luck plays for the Color.  He’s totally cute and when he goes to the NFL he’s going to be totally rich.  Andrew call me.

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