Mandi the Sorority Girl Picks the Pac 12


(Editors Note: We were discussing a pick-ums column here at Crimson’s Corner when we got a Cease and Desist letter from a lawyer stating that we were not in compliance with Title IX.  The lawyer said he would not pursue legal action if we gave his daughter a column.  While our lawyers believe we are not required to comply with Title IX just for covering college athletics, we’re not inclined to fight this battle.  So we bring you Mandi the Sorority Girl Picks the Pac 12)

Mandi in a thoughful pose.
Mandi in a thoughful pose. /

WOOO, am I so glad to be here.  When my daddy said he made these people give me a column, I was so happy, like when he gave me a Jetta.  I haven’t done much team picking and don’t really understand these point spreads, but I have a 4.0 in Exercise Science so its clear I’m real smart.

Before I get to my picks, let me just say, I love football and basketball games.  We start the day with a party, then go hang our at the big place where they play the game for awhile, then we go to another party, and oh did I mention we look way hot.  Also, I swore the teams I’m picking were in the Pac-10 conference but now people are telling me they are in the Pac-12 conference.  Maybe I mixed it up, we were totally doing shots last night.

And here are my picks

Oklahoma St. -14.5 over Arizona

Arizona’s Mascot is the Wildcat and kitties are so cuddly.  But Oklahoma St. is the Cowboys and Cowboys are sexy, at least the Cowboy strippers at Bethany’s Birthday Party were WOOO.  Rule #1 Sexy beats Cuddly.

Missouri +6.5 over Arizona St.

Lets be clear here, I hate those bitches from Arizona St.  They are a bunch of sluts.  My ex-boyfriend was in Tempe last year and one of those girls did everything but after just two beers.  I mean not even dinner.

Stanford -18.5 over Duke

I look so good in Cardinal and I don’t know what a Blue Devil is but it scares me.

Oregon -25 over Nevada

Some people say Oregon has ugly uniforms, but I admire them.  If I had that clothes budget I’d take some real chances too, you could afford to.

Washington -3.5 over Hawaii

This was so tough, because I love Hawaii.  Bethany and I spent last Spring Break in Hawaii and had the bestest time.  Have you ever drank a lava flow.  But Huskies are so cute and Seattle is so cool.  I was listening to this classic rock band Nirvana from there and I loved it.  I wonder if they are still around.

Washington St. -14.5 over UNLV

Every time I’m in Vegas we run into a bunch of sluts from Arizona St.  Only fat girls go to Washington St. or Wazzu as they call it.  Fat Girls are no threat.

San Jose St +21.5 over UCLA

Did you see 300?  How sexy is that Gerard Butler.  I love Spartans.

Utah +10.5 over USC

Now this is tough because I don’t know what a Ute is.  (hahaha I saw that joke in a movie my mom liked).  But USC girls are bitches and would be the bitchiest if it weren’t for those sluts from Arizona St.

Well that was fun, until next time this is Mandi saying WOOO