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Utah Utes Football- Yeah Kyle Pretty Much Owns Bronco

It seems one of the Salt Lake City radio hacks said something at least interesting to think about today.  He said that Kyle has out-coached Bronco in every meeting.  And if one looks at the record, it sure looks true.

First lets look at the records: Kyle 5 – Bronco 3

Then lets look at margin of victory: Bronco’s biggest win is by 7 points while Kyle has wins by 24 and 34.

And then lets look back to the games themselves.  Utah has been competitive in every single game.  In fact all eight games could have gone to the Utes.  Even BYU’s biggest win required a massive screw up in the Utah defensive backfield and two truly terrible PI calls to deliver BYU from the jaws of defeat.

Essentially the rule for the Utah-BYU game is this.  If BYU is a favorite, look for a close game with a toss-up finish.  If the game is essentially a toss-up, look for a close game and a probable Utah win.  If Utah is at all a serious favorite, look for a Utah win and likely blowout.

Do you doubt me?  Utah won with bad QB’s in 2005 and 2012.  In 2009, a true freshman Jordan Wynn nearly beat the bestest BYU has had under Bronco in Max “Six Month Mission” Hall.  2008, our Sugar Bowl year was a blow out and 2011 was a view of what might have been if Jordan Wynn could have stayed healthy.

In fact, this argument looks so lopsided, I’m not sure I can see one on the other side?  Anyone up to the Challenge?

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  • THEeyepatch

    No argument here but if you ask any silly delusional zoob, you’d get the laundry list of excuses. Last year on a Yahoo Sports preview of BYU v. Utah, some of those die-hard Cougar fans were predicting a 60-6 BYU beatdown of Utah, you know since, Nelson was going to show everybody how good he really is. Yeah, he showed everybody how good he really was and BYU finished with an 8-5 record playing a pretty average schedule.

    Now it’s Taysom Hill’s turn to be the one that’s guaranteed to get the zoobs a win. I don’t see it and I’ll willing to bet right now TDS finishes well below expectations but then again. why are the expectations for TDS so high, who have they beaten since going independent? If fact, ask a zoob and he’ll dance around the question and then say, “we beat Oklahoma 4 season ago.” Like that gives them some credibility in 2013?

    One more thing, since Max Hall, am I the only one that has noticed the QB play has been going downhill for TDS? “QB U” no more! Heaps washed out, and is now at Kansas — Nelson was overhyped and not very talented because toughness doesn’t necessarily mean wins. Ok Taysom, you’re next… time to disappoint Zoob Nation. I know you can do it buddy.

  • Patrick Sheltra

    When you let a sack of shit QB like Max Hall go 2-1 against you, there’s no way you can say Kyle has won every coaching battle vs. Bronco. Now, that doesn’t mean Bronco was a Coaching Genius in some games, but we get B+ games out of Kyle instead of C+ games in 2007 and 2009, we’ve won six straight in the rivalry (I concede 2006 because BYU had more talent that year, was the better team and our win streak at the time couldn’t last forever).