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Dr. Chris Hill Must Be Fired for 'Lack of Institutional Control' Concerning Utah Utes Swim Team

Dr. Chris Hill must step down or be fired for the events surrounding our swim team reported yesterday by Yahoo Sports.

I think it’s without question that as we each heard the story come out about Jerry Sandusky and Penn St, our stomachs we’re turned. Sandusky was allowed to continue what he was doing because Joe Paterno and the people around him had created an atmosphere where people did not feel comfortable speaking out against him.  Now, I am not saying the events at Utah are equal to what happened at Penn St., they are not even close, but the atmosphere that allowed it to happen, well that seems strikingly familiar.

I do not even think it matters if Chris Hill knew or did not know what was going on.  The fact is that he should of.

As has been pointed out, Yahoo is doing the best investigative sports journalism out there.  The list of things that the Utah Athletic Department failed to act on is staggering.  This includes information from a professor in the College of Health who was acting as a counselor.  The mountain of evidence ignored by the Athletic Department is shocking.

What has happened is that Dr. Hill has created an atmosphere where we’re allowing coaches to behave with impunity.  It’s the very definition of “LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL.”  And to show that it stops now, Hill must go.  Along with him the whole of the office at Office of Equal Opportunity, who blew any attempted investigation.

Would you send your son or daughter to a school that would willingly allow abuses like these to go on, unpunished?

Frankly as a University we should almost consider ourselves lucky the allegations are only this bad.  It’s clear this coach could have taken much worse actions that would have been permitted.

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  • DC Ute

    I don’t see what Chris Hill did wrong. There was a swim coach who was hard on the athletes sometimes? Big deal. This happens at every school in every sport. If the swim coach had not molested a 15 year old years ago, this would not even be a story. Chris Hill immediately acted appropriately when the allegations of child abuse surfaced. The important thing to remember here is the allegations of child abuse were from when the coach WAS NOT AT THE U. People are acting like this happened while he was coaching at the U. It did not.

  • Hoyos_Revenge

    This wasn’t just hard on a coach, clearly this guy was over the line by a mile and nearly everyone is saying so. The U ignored this for five years. Just like Hill ignored Majerus for a lot of years too. This is the very definition of lack of institutional control. This can’t be allowed to go on.

    • DC Ute

      Hill ignoring Majerus and letting him do his thing was the best thing that ever happened to the basketball program. Majerus was prickly, but he didn’t do anything illegal and in the end the athletes got to choose whether to play for him or not, as did the swimmers with their coach. It’s nothing to get upset over.

      We’re talking about a God damn swim coach here anyway for Christ’s sakes. This isn’t basketball or football or even gymnastics or women’s soccer, this is fucking swimming.

      Greg Marsden marrying a former student is much more scandalous than what this swim coach actually did while at the U. Remember, the sexual misconduct did not take place while the coach was at the U.

      • Hoyos_Revenge

        You’re right it’s a swim coach, so why didn’t we just fire his ass. Majerus wasn’t prickly, he was abusive and that isn’t debatable and we all over looked it. It seems we’re over looking it in a lot of things. You know how Penn St. scandal’s happen, because a program is allowed to be run like this. I don’t care when the underage sex took place, the Yahoo article is more than enough to cost jobs, Hill’s included.

        • DC Ute

          The swim coach was not fired because he didn’t do anything wrong. A bunch of whiney parents complaining about their kids having to work too hard does not constitute firing of a state employee. Majerus was not abusive. If a 20 year old man cannot handle being called a ‘cunt’ when he’s obviously playing like a cunt, that’s his problem. Good for Majerus for getting the most out of his players, and sometimes you have to be a man and call someone out when they’re underachieving.

          Penn State had a dude witness a child being raped in a shower and did nothing about it. Let me know when an authority figure inside the U athletic department rapes a 10 year old and then you can start using Penn State analogies. No child is getting raped at the U. Coaches are making athletes work hard, and that’s fine. It doesn’t mean they’re raping them.

          It’s ridiculous we’re even having this argument, this over-reaction on your part is unbelievably silly.

          • Hoyos_Revenge

            The fact that you think this is all nothing shows everything that is wrong both with our athletic program and with athletics in general. Seriously I’m embarrassed that we have fans that thing like you.

          • DC Ute

            Our fans would rather win than support coaches who are nice to all the players all the time. That’s just the way it is. It’s just not that I think this story is nothing, the story IS nothing. It’s swimming.

          • Hoyos_Revenge

            It’s amazing there are 100′s of coaches who win without being abusive assholes. The idea that we only have two choices. And considering how our Ath Dept is about to get nailed, I assure you this isn’t nothing.