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Utah Utes Lose Another Basketball Game, To Stanford If You Care.

The Utah Utes were crushed by the Stanford Cardinal in the sport of basketball today.  We’re 3-13 in the Pac-12 and lets face facts, two of those wins we’re quite lucky weren’t losses.  Utah was destroyed on the Bay Area roadie and well I could go on but I’m sure you’re tired of reading about the ways we’ve lost because I know I’m tired of writing it.

I know people keep saying they see all the progress we’ve made.  But I don’t think I see it and the number surely don’t bear that out.

Yesterday I wrote about how this is currently not only worse than Boylen’s last team, but Ray Giacolletti’s as well.

It would be the worst season in school history if we hadn’t already had the worst season in school history, last year.  And now our hopes rest on a California JC whose other offer was Washington St. and our young guys getting better, not just better but outpacing the improvement of all the other young talent in this conference.

And our fan base is of one of two opinions.  Everything is wonderful, Larry is the one true coach and we’re a season or two or ten away from a national title, if we just stick with Larry.  The other is that we just have to grin and bear it because our AD sucks and we don’t want him making another hire anyway.

This is what Utah Basketball is now.  Hoping for a JuCo to be magical.  Praying that Larry figures it all out.

How this happened is shocking, just shocking.

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  • UTEchnician

    Your writing is so bad you can’t even get BYU trolls to post on this space. You don’t have to be a homer like Dick Harmon is, but do something with this space other than whine. Be constructive and reasoned in your observations. This is a blog on a national sports news service for a PAC-12 school and you can’t get people to even post. So you don’t like Chris Hill, fine. So you don’t like Larry Krystkowiak, fine. What about this team do you struggle with? Effort? Preperation? Talent? Execution? And then how would you address that? Give us something more than your feelings were hurt because the last coach got fired. I don’t know what is more embarrasing, your writing or me reading your writing because I am so desperate for news, observation, insight about the team I support.

    • DC Ute

      Hoyos Revenge has been quite specific in his criticism of how Coach Larry Krystkowiak dumped nearly the entire roster and replaced them with scrubs last year. He’s also provided good information on how those players who were run off are now succeeding elsewhere. You’re obviously one of those fans who doesn’t even know the roster.

      • UTEchnician

        I didn’t say his criticism was unspecific. I said it was specificlly bad. The two prior coaches are gone. Boylen has been gone 2 years. Hoyos is just beating a dead horse. I know the roster is mostly freshmen, redshirt freshman and sophmores, so it is young. They don’t have a single player who can create his own shot off the dribble or break down a defense with dribble penetration. They turn the ball over way too much. They struggle to rebound out of the zone defense they use to hide players that can’t defend on the ball. I wouldn’t know any of that from Hoyo because he doesn’t bring up constructive observation. I want a good blog. I want information, or opinion that engages my interest. If I wanted to read a bunch of whiney drival I would go to BYU blogs.

        • Hoyos_Revenge

          You know what, you’re right, if you want to read intricate game breakdowns, you should go somewhere else, because I find them boring and you can read them a 100 other places.

          Frankly the far more interesting questions are?

          1. How in the hell did we get here?
          2. Are we close to being out of it?

          And along the way I’m going to point out all the dishonesty that continues to surround this program. Currently that surrounds Jim Boylen and Chris Hill. If people would stop lying and blaming Jim Boylen for the transition to Larry Krystkowiak, then i wouldn’t mention Jim. If Hill would be honest about his utter failure in running the program instead of trying to sell us on how rosey everything is. He wouldn’t come up either.

          Anyone who watches this team knows we suck. If you want a specific breakdown of the different ways we suck in each game well this isn’t your blog.

          But I will point out that while you claim we’re young. We’re actually about to lose 40% of our scoring and 35% of our rebounding. We have to make that up just to tread water in the conference, before we start getting closer.

          See I find that far more interesting and frightening than talking about our latest failure at on ball screens.

          • UTEchnician

            It is clear you arn’t capable of providing intricate game breakdowns. So I would be o.k. with just some basic coverage of the team. No one cares if you are “depressed” by what is going on, it shouldn’t be about you it should be about the team.
            If your angle is “how we got here” then do some real investigative journalism and find out what really happened between Hill and Boylen. Instead of whining like a jilted 15 yearold school girl. A place to start may be that the same 3 people who follow this blog were the same 3 people who showed up to games when Boylen was coach? If your angle is “are we close to getting out” , how about identifying a recruiting philosophy thats addresses how we may replace 40% of scoring and 30% of rebounding. Is there instate talent deserving of a scholarship that would help the team?
            Don’t become Dick Harmon and pimp for the program. But at least try to cover what is relevent~and unless you are making playes or blocking shots, stop saying “we” or we’re”.

          • Hoyos_Revenge

            I realize you’re here to insult me, and that’s ok, I know you’ve got a mess of issues in your own life so you make yourself feel better by insulting someone on the internet. Feel free my skin is thicker than that

            I can also tell you’ve read exactly one post on this blog. I’ve written extensively on the topics you mention and others, but you’re going to ignore that because it would get in the way of your main purpose, insulting me.

            As for we or we’re, well I use them with purpose. This isn’t a newspaper, it’s a blog. I’m a fan and a booster of Utah Athletics considering I’m a season ticket and Crimson Club member. So I’ll use we.

            But I’m not going to engage the insults again. You’re free to comment about what you agree or disagree with, but this serves no point. Run along and find something else or be constructive. My comment sections aren’t going to be used for this.

          • UTEchnician

            Thats just it, I am not here to insult you. I am here to ask for better coverage, better writing, just something better. If you can’t take feedback then that is your deal not mine. It isn’t like there a whole of comments on this post, or any other post for that matter, where you have really inspired discussion about the Utes. If anything the best you can say is the writing is inspiring……apathy.
            I acknowledge you have written extensively on Chris Hill, and what you see as his shortcomings~you have certainly attacked him in a far more personal way than anything I have said to you. The problem is it is all opinion, you havn’t uncovered anything of substance that shines a light on Boylen getting jobbed.
            I am commenting on what I disagree with, just like you said the blog is for. I hope it serves the point that you will self reflect and take the feedback the way it is intended. There are players on this years team playing their guts out to represent the Utes in a way that deserves more recognition than they have recieved here.
            I am not sure you can be so selective about how your comment sections are used, is it wasn’t for this discussion between you and me, there would be no comments at all…….

          • DC Ute

            UTEchnician, can you admit that firing Boylen to hire Coach Krystkowiak was a mistake? If you can’t admit that, then there’s no way we can have an intelligent discussion with you. The proof is seen glaringly in the win-loss records.

            Now, if you can admit that, then we can discuss what the best course of action going forward.

          • UTEchnician

            So if I don’t agree with your premis there can be no discussion? That is an ass backwrds approach to dialague. Having said that. I did not at the time agree with Jim Boylens firing. I felt he deserved two more recruiting classes to see if he coald lead a winning program. Once he was fired, I supported the hiring of Kryskowiak. Did he do everything right in the transition, probably not. But you have to conceed a new coach gets to approach things his way, because he has to live with the consequences. His job is at stake. It runs against logic for him to clean house unless doing so give him a better chance to win long term. Then he needs to be given enough rope to either pull the program up, or hang himsel, either way it is a consequence to his action.
            I think it is too early to judge the “proof” in wins and losses, just like I believe it was too early in Bolyens case. Maybe you should give Krystkowiak the chance you wanted Boylen to get? I see proof that the utes are getting better. They lead the pac12 in scoring defense and their match up zone is one of the best in the country, they play hard for 48 minutes, physicaly they don’t back down, they score on the highest percentage of set plays in the pac12 which shows the players are well coached in that area. They need another infusion of pac12 talent, it is that simple.
            Maybe use your crimsin club connects to put fire under Hill. But as far as I am concerned the Ray, Jim, even Big Rick are long gone, nothing that is said or written changes that. There are 2 mission kids out that played for Boylen. What is Krystkowiak going to do with them?
            I will say this, I know Barrat Peery who was an asst. under Boylin and there was one thing made clear to me Boylin knew, his team, in one way or another had to start putting fans in seats, and that didn’t happen.

          • DC Ute

            You’re a tool.

          • Hoyos_Revenge

            Oh lord please stop pretending that you did anything other than drop by to insult me. If you had you’d have approached me in a far more constructive way.

            You know why BYU trolls don’t come by, because I don’t troll them. I learned that the self-righteous fans among the Utah fan base who know all and just set out to lecture people like yourself are so much worse than BYU fans.

            Really I’d rather not have readers like you. I really would.

          • UTEchnician

            Whatever your doing to not have readers it is working. If you are going to call on your Lord, ask for some help in the writing area because that is what I am critisizing, the content. I don’t know you to insult you. Again, instead of making this about you, actually read what is being written, take the feedback, and maybe try something else. For someone who loves trashing other people you really are thin skinned. I guess now it makes sense why you are so obsessed with Hill, Boylen, and Krystkowiak you took what they did personally, just like you are taking objective critisism about your blog personally. Dude it isn’t about you~it is about the blog for a team we both care about. Just try something different, you may be suprised at how many readers start showing up.

          • Hoyos_Revenge

            Oh I do love the condescending part of our fan base. The ones who if we don’t tow your company line we’re the ones who are wrong. Funny how it couldn’t possibly be you.

            Seriously if it means having readers like you, I’d rather do without I really would. Trust me when I say that with all of my heart. Now feel free to continue how to lecture the rest of the world on how they should conduct themselves. But I’m tired of it Our fan base has too many of you and I and a lot of others would just wish that you’d go away.

  • DC Ute

    This basketball season cannot end fast enough. I look forward to spring football.

    The more I think about Utah’s offense, the more I think we’ll see much improvement. Consistency at the QB position and a much improved O-line will make up for the loss of Juan Blanco. I believe our wide receivers will be better this year too.

    What I struggle with is that Kyle Whittingham seems intent on starting another crop of slow walk-on linebackers. This just won’t get it done in the PAC 12 and I believe our defense will be even worse this year than it was last year. Defensive end and cornerback is going to be a weakness this year, we can’t afford to have the usual below-average play at linebacker as well.