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Utah Utes Basketball- This Season Compared to Giacolletti's Final Season

I see more than a few people running around saying they are quite pleased with what has gone on in this season of Utah Utes Basketball.  So I thought I’d offer something up.

Before Larry and Dr. Hill thought blowing up a team returning everyone was like the best idea ever, the gold standard for bad seasons was Ray Giacolletti’s final season.  The Utes were 11-19, 6-10 in conference.  And all kinds of stories have emerged as to how bad things were and how Giac quit on the team and the team quit and so on.  A couple of more facts that will become important in a moment, Utah’s final RPI that season was 132 and all 11 of their wins were D-1 wins.

Currently Utah stands at 11-16, 3-12 in the Pac-12.  Only 9 of those wins are D-1 wins.  And our RPI sits at 182.

The Utes currently have three regular season games and at least one in the tourney.  So this team has a theoretical chance of being better than the supposed abomination of the final Ray Giacolletti season.  I’ll say I’d be shocked if it happened.

Further, people are going to point to a series of close games to show that things are really quite good.  Here is one last nugget of information.  That Giacolletti team had 9 losses within 6 points and 3 more within 10.

So I ask the question, how are we proud of a season that loses a comparison to a team and a coach that are reviled by Utah fans?

Utah faces the Stanford Cardinal today.  We did beat Stanford last year but were routed in our first matchup this season.


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  • superdoo

    Wait, are you saying that an 11 win season on Giacs was a ‘supposed’ abomination? And just who was on Giac’s team that year? I wil make it clear, it was an abomination.

    I’m not saying things are good now by any long shot, but don’t pretend the trajectory of Giac wasn’t straight down. Boylen came in with the same guys and went CBI and NCAA the year after that.

    And yes, Giac did quit on the team, I’ve heard stories first hand of halftimes where they would go in the locker room and he would just go sit in another room while the assistants would try to pull together a game plan. He’d emerge a minute before they were supposed to come back out, scream at the team incoherently for a bit and they would head back out.

    Giac was a dumpster fire of a coach and in way over his head. Boylen I feel bad for; Giac when I see him on TV I want to punch him in the head.

  • Hoyos_Revenge

    And to think, with all that horrible stuff going on, all the stories you’ve heard, that team was a better team than what we’re putting on the floor. The Ray Giacolletti abomination was better than what we’re seeing. Which was the entire point of the article, that you so clearly didn’t get.

    Seriously do you comprehend anything that you read or do you just read something freak out and write a response.

    • superdoo

      I’m curious if you comprehend what you write. What DC Ute said below is right on point. Giac inherited superior talent and drove it off a cliff until we were getting a 11 win season.

      But we get it: Majerus bad, Giac and Boylen good, Krystkowiak bad.

      You should read what Bogut said about what Krystkowiak inherited… anytime you are getting compared to the Golden State Warriors you know you suck.

      • Hoyos_Revenge

        Again, try and comprehend something, this article isn’t exactly about Ray Giacolletti. I’m not saying his 11 win season was awesome. I’m pointing out, that we called EVERYTHING about that season terrible, we’re calling this team awesome, and going the right way, and yet, Giac’s team actually rates better.

        I can’t type slower to help you get this so I hope that did it.

        • DC Ute

          I don’t think anyone is calling this year’s team awesome. Some people are saying it is going the right way, which also is not true, it’s staying at the same level Giac took it to.

  • DC Ute

    Wow, your article reminds me of what a pile of shit Ray Giacoletti was. Remember, he inherited Bogut and Run DMC + Hawkins and quickly turned it into something just as bad as what we see now. I had forgotten how bad it was, just 11 wins such a short time after inheriting Final Four Talent is a fucking abortion.