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Utah Utes Basketball- Stats of the Ones Who Got Away

After yesterday’s moment of sunshine and joy, its time to return to the darkness of Utah Basketball.  One of the questions that people ask is what is going on with all the players who would have been Utes over these past two season.  People hear rumors here or there but I thought it would have been worthwhile to put it all in one place.  So here is how some former Utes are doing.

Player                  School                 PPG      RPG       APG        FG%      3P%
Will Clyburn      Iowa St.               14.8        7.2         2.3         .454        .311
Shaun Glover    Oral Roberts       14.1        5.4         2.0         .479       .258
J.J. O’Brien       SDSU                     6.7        4.4        1.5         .538       .000
Chris Hines       Drake                     9.1        2.2        1.2         .394       .379
Josh Sharp       BYU                        5.1        4.5        0.7         .576       .333
Dom Lee           Casper College    13.1        7.0        1.6
N. Djurisic         Georgia                 7.7         3.8        1.4         .374      .280
M. Henderson   Ole Miss             19.9         3.4        1.7         .385      .363
Jiggy Watkins    Utah                   15.6         3.3        4.8         .391      .214
Preston Guiot   SW Baptist          12.5          2.4       5.4           .364     .354

Now to complete the picture, Will and Jiggy would have been gone this year but you can see what might have been with that team, if we could have seen them play. Also I include Marshall Henderson just to show why Utah took a chance on the kid. A little different attitude and he’s a super star. Third I include Nemanja Djurisic at Georgia because he would have been a Ute if Boylen stayed. And in addition to this, Utah would have had Jason Washburn and Jeremy Olsen to add to the returning team. Also Dom Lee is having a solid season at Casper College being ranked in the top 3 in 5 statistical categories. Finally George Matthews who never really got a chance would have been on the team.

It really seems clear now, if Boylen and that team or even that team had been brought back, they just might have won a down Pac-12. Remember Clyburn’s stats were higher at Utah 17 PPG and 9 RPG.  And the team after that, even with the loss of Clyburn and Jiggy would have been a very solid team without counting any recruits we might have brought in.

So the next time someone involved with the Utah Program says we have to have a long rebuild and stay the course, isn’t it worth looking at what we had and what those players are doing now and say, just maybe we had already rebuild.

One other point made in the comments.  All of the guys that Larry brought in and then dumped after one season aren’t performing nearly as well as anyone on this list.  Why was he in such a hurry to dump the marginal guys when he didn’t have better players available?

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  • Patrick Sheltra

    This story ain’t complete without chronicling what our castoffs from last year are doing at lower division schools — guys like Kareem Storey, Dijon Farr, Anthony Odunsi and Javon Dawson. Yuk, yuk, yuk

    • $5910044

      This sentiment I agree with. I wish Larry had done more to retain a few of the guys that left (Glover, Will). Last year was just awful.

  • $5910044

    This article is a joke!

    1. The problems with Boylen’s final teams is that no one knew how to share the ball. Problem still not solved.

    2. Those are some ABYSMAL shooting percentages! Lol! If you could avoid turning the ball over (something a lot of these guys were bad at) you probably weren’t going to make a shot.

    Of all these guys, Id take Clyburn, maybe Glover and no one else. O’Brien? Undersized 4 who isn’t as good as Loveridge now and would hinder his progress. Hines? 6′ shooting guard with horrendous percentages and a major defensive liability. nice game winners for us though. Sharp is in the same category as O’Brien. A role player who would be taking minutes from Loveridge. Dom. Lee? How can anyone say how hes going to do at the D1 level? Is he getting any offers? Djurisic? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! What a shooter! Henderson? chucker. ultimately will kill ole miss. Watkins never cared enough to show up for camp in shape, or even close to it. Nice ability to drive to the hoop, even had a decent ability to drive and kick. defenseless. no jumper. ball hog. minimal court vision. bad attitude. Guiot? Im guessing that he was included just as a joke. Matthews? Be interesting to see how he does.

    The jury is still out on Larry. IF (and thats a big if) he can bring in some more firepower and he can retain this freshman class through, then I believe he can be a better long-term fit than Jim was.

    • Hoyos_Revenge

      It’s amazing so many wrong things can be in one article. First the idea that you don’t want guys like O’Brien and Sharp who are seeing big minutes on teams much better than ours. Further, Loveridge’s future is at the three because if you think Sharp and O’Brien are undersized, Loveridge is a midget.

      The funny thing about Watkins was that he still more athletic than anyone on the court, so to attack his shape seems stupid.

      The even better thought is you missed the point of the article. That fans like you said we had no talent under Jim and its quite clear that we did. Further, I notice you don’t mention Boylen’s team that won a championship because it blows up anything else you have to say. So there is a joke here, but it ain’t this article.

      • $5910044

        -Loveridge is bigger than OBrien and Sharp.  I agree that his future is at the 3 though.  But you aren’t arguing against what I said.  Loveridge is better than both of those guys right now and he his ceiling is higher.  If they were here, he might be getting less time because of their seniority.
        -So its ok if a guy comes in out of shape, as long as he is “more athletic” (a comical thing to say; but thats besides the point)?  Seems to me that showing up out of shape is a sign that you don’t care, regardless of how “good” you are.
        -”Fans like me”  lol.  I never said we didn’t have talent with Boylen; quite the contrary.  Boylen’s teams had quite a bit of talent.  That our record was so poor is an indictment of his coaching abilities to me.  And I agree.  The 2009 run was AWESOME.  But, once those guys graduated, where was the talent build up from prior recruiting classes?  No one really stepped up or in.
        Your article says to me “hey! we had a lot of guys who shot poorly and now score points! we would have won if we kept them”.  Sorry, gotta do better than that my friend.  Cool blog though.  Had never heard of you until I saw you in Ro Jack’s blog.

        • Hoyos_Revenge

          Loveridge isn’t bigger than O’Brien or Sharp, that’s you’re first mistake. Second if Loveridge wasn’t good enough to get minutes over those guys, well it pretty much would disprove anything you’re saying.

          In fact its a bit of the problem we have now, Loveridge it too small for a four and too slow/not consistent enough shooting to be a three.

          Second, I simply find it hard to bag on the guy who was far and away our best player, who was blowing away anything else Larry put on the court as wildly out of shape.

          Further, the ’09 team graduated around 80% of scoring and nearly 90% of the rebounding. In Jim’s last year we faced the 26th toughest schedule in the nation not the garbage one we faced this year. We had a ton of injuries, O’Brien missed 1/2 the season, Clyburn missed several down the stretch and was nowhere near himself. Jay Watkins missed the whole year. And we returned everyone.

          Jim made a couple of missteps in year three, which he tried to correct but was never given a chance. Larry has gotten two full roster rebuilds. And the fact that all these guys are making stats shows the talent was there, just never given a chance to come together.

          But thanks for reading,

          • $5910044

            You are rewriting history to suit your own narrow viewpoint.

            I’ll put your statements in quotes and what actually happened afterwards.
            “O’Briend missed 1/2 the season”  Actually, he played in 22 of 31 games, which is 71%.
            “Clyburn missed several down the stretch” If by “several” you mean “one” then yes, you are correct.
            “Jay Watkins missed the whole year”  Reality says: Jay Watkins played in 14 games-nearly half the season!
            My source?  Right here pal.
            I know we are splitting hairs over the “who is bigger?” argument, but I actually agree, we are in a tough spot with loveridge.  still, i like him better than the other guys.  My only concern would be whether or not Larry is the “Let the guys who have been here play” regardless of talent; I just don’t know.
            As far as Jiggy goes, you made my point well.  Imagine what he could have done if he had been less than 230 pounds!  Did you see him heaving at the end of games?  I sure did.  To me, showing up out of shape shows how much you care.  It shows a lack of caring.  And quite frankly, outside of his ability to get to the rim, nothing really impressed me about his game.
            My final point is, Jim isn’t the coach anymore.  Larry is.  It’s time to move on.  Crying won’t bring him back.