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Utah Utes Basketball Fans HAVE SOME PRIDE

Our Utah Utes Basketball team is a disaster.

It wasn’t a disaster under Ray Giacolletti, although a lot of us thought it was.  And it surely wasn’t a disaster under Jim Boylen, although A LOT of people have tried to convince us it was.  But this is it, this is what Rock Bottom really looks like.

Here is a quick history of the Larry Krystkowiak era.  Larry with a great big assist from Chris Hill meddling and flat out misreading his own program, bungled the coaching transition worse than any NCAA coaching transition in history.  If you can find one that went worse, even a school that was going on probation, I’ll buy you a beer/root beer because I can’t find one.  All over the country players are making contributions who Larry didn’t think were worthy of being Utes.

So to make up for it, Larry bring in a bunch of guys we’re told will shock us with how good they’ll be.  It turns out they weren’t, Larry won six games and brought in a whole bunch of new guys we’re told had talent and would shock us.  I was told we’ll see the genius of his coaching.   We’ll clearly be in the middle of the Pac-12, almost certainly a CBI team and if things break our way, well dare we dream of the NCAA Bubble.

Now the powers that be are demanding that we’re not Ute fans if we’re not in this for the long haul.  Are we stupid?  Is this like the frog slowly being boiled to death, the heat has been turned up so slowly we’re just not supposed to notice.

In case you haven’t noticed this team isn’t really much better.  It took a vastly easier schedule to get more OOC wins.  It took freak shooting nights and honoring Rick Majerus to get our two best wins, neither of which have we sustained momentum from.  Barring a miracle our Pac-12 win total is actually going to go down.  Right now we should just stand by for several more years for us to finally be ok?

Stand up and demand a change.  The beauty of actually hitting Rock Bottom is that it can’t get worse.  We can go out and write a big check and someone will come.  Does Larry Eustachy sound so bad?  Do you think he wouldn’t run to the Pac-12.  If you want to go cheap but take a solid chance, how about Mark Pope at BYU.  Mormon, played at Kentucky and got Jabari Parker to put a WCC school in his top 5.  If I’m saying what the eff, how about that.

Or how about this, we simply fire Larry and his crony Andy Hill, make Tommy Connor head coach.  It sure looks like anything good is coming from Tommy.  Then we spend some money on some real national assistants with serious credentials.

Just anything, anything to stop us from watching 14 wins hoops next year, 15 win hoops the year after and 17 after that and then we renew Larry’s contract because look how much better we are.

Sometimes you have to admit a mistake and make a change.

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  • The U of U

    I disagree that we’ve hit rock bottom, we can actually go lower, especially if we fire Larry Krystkowiak and hire the only person that would take the job, Tommy Connor or Randy Rahe. I bet Randy Rahe wouldn’t even touch it actually.

    We’re averaging over 7K fans per game, which puts us in 4th place in the PAC 12 for attendance. USC is averaging just 4K. That’s where we’ll go if we do as you suggest. We risk losing Jordan Loveridge and Delon Wright. Actually, we DO lose Delon Wright if we fire Larry Krystkowiak. Tommy Connor is not a national name, he doesn’t sign Delon Wright type players.

    You’re correct that it was premature to fire Jim Boylen and Larry Krystkowiak totally fucked up the transition. But firing Krystkowiak will only make things worse. That’s simply the situation we’re in. We can make things worse or we can hope we slowly improve.

    • carlosatUCLA

      USC attendance is by far the worst comparison you can make.

      • The U of U

        Fuck off. First off, nobody asked you, you’re a fucking UCLA fan. Second, no, it’s not a bad comparison, USC is a PAC 12 school. The worst comparison I could make would be somebody we’re not competing against, like San Francisco.

        • carlosatUCLA

          I’m a UCLA fan. Therefore I know college hoops. Therefore I can tell you what comparisons to make. Please eat it.

          • The U of U

            You’re also a God damn mongoloid. I’m comparing to USC because they ARE the worst in attendance. I’m saying Utah can get worse, and we can. But how pathetic is it that we still get as many people to our games as UCLA. Go watch The Kardashians and apply another layer of fake tan lotion, vagina cleaner.

          • Hoyos_Revenge

            One more like this gets you the ban hammer,

          • The U of U

            Do what you have to do, I’m not backing down from a UCLA fan. If he talks back, I will put him in his place.

    • Hoyos_Revenge

      I’m fine losing one JC guy to fix this. If 7K will show up for the last two years, I doubt it’s getting worse than that. And if we wrote a check, someone would come. Even Colorado after that disaster found someone pretty good.

      • The U of U

        That’s what everyone said to justify firing Boylen. None of the coaches you wanted instead of Coach K were interested.

  • Deej

    Krystkowiak had every player bounce on him and then only returned 2 the next year. His players have shown significant improvement. Giac imploded the team and Boylen let it run out of control. Krystowiak is here to clean up and knows what he’s doing. Give him some freaking time. This is awful analysis.

    • Hoyos_Revenge

      Giac’s imploding program performed as good or better than what we have. And as for Boylen and out of control, that is a lie. The only thing out of control was Henderson and Boylen got him out of here. The kids were going to class there were no scandals. So Larry is here to clean up nothing. Stop acting like we went on probation or something. We didn’t

      • superdoo

        Hmmm… you obviously don’t know the truth about that one. Wish I could tell you all that I know on that subject. Program was an absolute mess.

        • The U of U

          You’re a God damn coward and a liar. The program was a lot better under Boylen than it is now. That’s a fact. Not saying firing Larry Krystkowiak is going to make it better, but there’s no doubt Jim Boylen had a better handle on things than what we see now. There’s no way out of it though, other than just ride it out for several years and at least benefit from continuity.

          • Hoyos_Revenge

            While I appreciate your spirit, lets watch the swearing and attacks ok, even if I disagree superdoo and my UCLA friend are both good guys offering opinions, a simply I disagree here is why will suffice.

          • The U of U

            superdoo is not a ‘good guy’ just offering an opinion. His response was a condescending ‘you OBVIOUSLY don’t know the truth’, accusing you of just making things up. Dude needs to be put in his place.

          • superdoo

            I’m a bad man. DMac has his sources, I have mine, both sides have a position they see. However, one of us has the advantage of being to multiple practices under Boylen and having relationships with people in the program both during Boylen-era and the current… the other doesn’t.

            Hey, those who have followed my comments on the subject know that I always felt, and still do feel that they should have given Boylen one more year to get things together. That didn’t happen, so here we are.

            Were things as bad as season three in season four, no, but that would have taken a lot. Were things hunky-dorry after? Hardly. Some of those things you can see in hindsight were problems that I don’t know if he could have made a different decisions but he was also forced into these decisions by poor past decisions. But just because of that doesn’t mean there weren’t problems.

            Eh, I’ve said too much, so I’ll retreated to my cowardly position, but still be right. Dmac and I can at least have a civil discussion about the matter.

          • Hoyos_Revenge

            Superdoo, I know the assumption about me is that I don’t know anyone and just make things up. But to say I didn’t and don’t have sources within the program would be wildly mistaken. Although I will grant I’m guessing the new staff is much more friendly to you than me. The thing I’ve found over the last 18 months or so that if I talk to people near the program privately about where I’m coming from, they oddly like me and like to talk to me.

            Now the last thing I want here is a penis measuring contest over who has the better sources.

            But I do appreciate you coming here and giving your point of view and what you know in a civil manner. I’m trying to make this a place that does a lot more of that and a lot less of what U of U is doing.

            So what I’m trying to say is thanks.

          • superdoo

            Dmac, my message was cryptic, so sorry about that. I wasn’t saying that you don’t have sources, I’m just saying they are different than mine. I was more responding to ‘The U of U’.

            My only point is that I’ve seen some things in person, along with some connections past and present, and that is because I am local and can go to practices etc. Not a slight on you.

            Also, I like Larry, and even if I didn’t I would still hopes he succeeds, because I care more about Utah basketball. I’m also comfortable with Tommy Connor stepping into the HC role at Utah if he can get some good recruiters around him, so I’m okay with our future right now.

            Then again, I liked Boylen and… well I didn’t hate Giac. One day I’ll tell you the story about a Boylen practice that was so crazy that it made observers in the stands cry.

        • Hoyos_Revenge

          I’ll take my sources on this over anyones. Any issues were out the door after our third season and there just weren’t problems like that in the fourth year. This wasn’t close to a program out of control

  • carlosatUCLA

    Great analysis. Never understood why Utes fans tolerated this, because Utah is a top-25 program all time