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Utah Basketball: The Tribune Says Utes Should Follow The Oregon Path...

Today’s Article by Tony Jones in the Salt Lake Tribune attempts to raise Ute fans hopes by pointing out how Oregon has risen so far under Dana Altman.  There is actually something darkly comical about that.  And it goes beyond the fact that Phil Knight will spend whatever it takes to win while our big boosters think they can bargain shop an athletic program to greatness.

Dana Altman at one time was very interesting in becoming Utah’s head coach.  In fact when Majerus stepped down/resigned/was forced out/faked a heart attack or whatever was the end of his time here, one of the early calls was to Dana Altman at Creighton.

Altman was a very smart man, took a look at the Utah Roster and saw that we had one year of Andrew Bogut and then not a great deal of talent on the roster.  He knew there would be a rebuild that would take some time and following a legend is a very tough gig. So he asked for a contract that would force Utah to give him the time he needed no matter the bitching and whining of the fans in the middle of it all.  He asked for a 10 year deal.

Dr. Hill balked at the offer and didn’t try to negotiate.  He moved on to many other candidates who said now, danced with Trent Johnson before making Ray Giacolletti the unfortunate bastard who took the job.

And we all sort of know what happened after that.  Although I think one day I’ll write it all down so the record is straight and all the blame can be assigned in proper places.

But Dana Altman goes down in lore as one more what might have been, the theme of the last decade or so of Ute hoops.

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  • Lance Howell

    Dude….while I still have hope that Larry K. will turn this thing around (I agree with BlockU on this), I think that we should have ponied up and act like big boys. Which means we should have gone out and got a $2M per year guy (see Oklahoma, N.C. State, etc.). Our program can and should be better then those teams. But we won’t until we start acting like it. I’m going to hope that Larry K. Is a $2M per year guy that gave us a huge discount because he doesn’t need the money. That ought to make me feel better….if he starts winning that is. ; )

    • Hoyos_Revenge

      I just don’t know about Larry other than what Block U said, time to have blind faith in it. Because I’m not seeing any signs right now. It’s all down to I hope.

  • THEeyepatch

    It’s so hard to say what direction the Runnin’ Utes are going for the future. I think this team has quit. After playing tough against the Devils, Wildcats, and Bruins –and still losing– they just seemed to throw in the towel. Getting flogged by USC and Stanford, two not so good teams, is proof of that.

    I’ll have my fingers crossed that the Utes figure it out Saturday because I’m getting tired of reading all the weak smack talk on DesNews and TSLT from your friendly neighborhood geek squad–zoobs! Playing in the PAC is a little different than playing two good teams in the WCC –which your team gets embarrassed by– then a bunch of High School teams, or padding your football record with the bottom of the WAC and pounding your chest –STILL– because you were ranked #25 two years ago. Thanks USC for being on probation. That gets old.

    Anyway, just venting… good blogs Hoyos.