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Utes Lose to Stanford Badly. Worse Than Any Loss Under Giac or Boylen....

Here is some food for thought about the state of our basketball team right now.

In four years Jim Boylen lost 5 games by 20 or more.  The worst home loss was 25 to BYU and the worst road loss was 30 to SDSU.  All five were NCAA tourney teams.

In two years, Larry has lost 12 games by 20 or more, 6 of those were by 30 or more and 2 of those were by at least forty.  We now have two 30 plus point losses at home, once last year to Cal State Fullerton and now last night to a bad Stanford team.  I said after the Wazzu game that we have 13 games to prove something.  We promptly won at Washington and then we were embarrassed on this home stand.

This team, except for the fluke game at Washington (and unless some evidence to the contrary rises that is what it was) is getting worse and last night had the look of a team that quit on its coach.

Now we have 10 games to show something.  Ten games to at least win as many Pac-12 games as we did last year.  If we can’t match that simple feat.  If Larry can’t win 10 Division I games in a season for two years in a row,  something neither Giac nor Boylen ever failed to do.  Why are we trusting him to a third season?  Especially now that talk of a third roster purge in three years is on its way.

If you’re still a believer, I’d love to hear why because I can’t find a single statistic that shows anything is getting better, and much seems to be getting worse.

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  • Lance Howell

    Expound on this talk of roster purge. I haven’t heard anything. Have you heard why Dallin B. didn’t play? Last night I saw two guys (JD and Olsen) visibly upset after missing shots. That’s a sign of no confidence where a guy is just hoping his shot goes on. Additionally our crowd was embarrassing again. I could actually hear the refs verbalizing their calls to the score table. Couldn’t have been more than 3,000 there.

    • Hoyos_Revenge

      There are already plans by the coaching staff to bring in 2 more guys in the spring despite the fact we’re at our limit now. Plus a lot of talk has begun about us not being long enough at most positions. While that is true, if we’re just going to bring in 4-5 new guys all of whom might start or play big minutes, I don’t know about trusting this staff to do it. That makes 3 roster rebuilds in three years.

      • Lance Howell

        Good point. While I agree, usually there’s room at the end of the bench (walk ons) to have some wiggle room. Now if its one or more of the playing rotation who leave, I wouldn’t like that.