If Bear Bryant Was Gay. An Analysis from a Georgia Fan

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this about A.J. McCarron’s tattoo.

The tattoo looks like someone asked a bad art student to make a visual interpretation of the love making of Bear Bryant and a Televangelist after they decided to admit their love affair, move to Washington State get married and open a B&B.

Now Bama fan didn’t take none to kindly to this characterization and let me know some interesting information about me and my mother.  But then a good friend of mine, a Georgia fan offered this critique of what would happen if in fact Bear Bryant did come out of the closet.

Been meaning to respond to the idea of Bear Bryant running a bed and breakfast with his televangelist life partner.  If such a thing had happened, there would be Bama fans who would turn not just gay, but “Liberace gay” because that’s the way Bear did it.  The sad thing is that Auburn fans would feel compelled to be even more gay, but with a bad inferiority/persecution complex that they weren’t gay enough or not properly recognized for their lifestyle.

Imagine how fabulous the Iron Bowl could be if only Bear Bryant had found love in the arms of a man.  The world just might be a much more beautiful place.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathanwoodruff5708 Jonathan Woodruff

    Funny comment coming from a Georgia fan, unfortunately, you have to degrade another team in the SEC that did do exactly what millions of viewers on and off the field knew they were going to do in running the football between the tackles against the best part of their NFL bound defense for 350 yards, an SEC title game record. I commented recently on SiriusXm that Georgia was deserving of nothing but respect and here you are attacking one of the greatest figures in college football history versus supporting the SEC.

    Your players play hard and earned the respect of their counterparts and coaches after that game, but their fans have continued to show they are envious of other teams that have won titles for the SEC and reached a consistently higher level of success. Instead of attacking a person that was respected by his players, a large number of college football fans and people in the state of Alabama for the impact he had on the players lives in making them better men in communities that reached far outside the state, as well as the success on the field, appreciate what you have at Georgia.

    Mark Richt has built a program consistently winning or nearly winning 10 games per year, which is unheard of in college football, unless you had Bobby Bowden. Consider supporting the SEC in every bowl game because the rest of the country hates our conference and any team that would be playing in any bowl, much less one playing to win our 7th title in a row. Life is too short for this Alabama fan to worry about responding to your post with a similarly negative connotation because I am anxiously awaiting the Tide playing for an opportunity that every college player dreams of at least once in their career.

    Alabama fans are no different than any other team supporter throughout the country, some have graduated from the team they support and others are tax payers in their state that have the opportunity to support one of their state funded universities or any college they select, so they have as diverse a fan base as any in the country with the benefit being the ability to live during another one of the greatest periods in Alabama history, which only a handful of other college teams in history have every achieved and we are living in it again.

    Next, you will decide to attack Nick Saban, who has built the pinnacle of college football that even Brian Kelly, amongst others, has acknowledged they mirrored their plan by when considering their path to the ultimate game. Saban has created a system that enables young men to get an overwhelming amount of support to get their college degree, grow into quality young men, have an impact in their communities in the lives of the less fortunate, to have an opportunity to be considered as an NFL prospect with success on the field and consistently giving them a chance to play for something every athlete dreams of playing for no matter their sport.

    The most important thing Coach Saban does is he strives to create young men that are prepared to be successful contributors to their communities. So since you have already attacked a person many of the coaches you support would endorse as being not only a great leader in college football, but also a great developer of men that had a positive impact on the lives they have touched based on the knowledge gained from his guidance, go ahead and criticize coach Saban, Wade Wallace, Frank Thomas, Paul Brant and even Gene Stallings because they were all successful at turning a group of young men into a team on the field that achieved the highest level of success and then gave back to their family, friends and communities based on the knowledge and guidance gained at the University of Alabama.

    I hope you learn to enjoy the success your team and coach have achieved over 10+ years and have a great 2013! RTR!

  • ronbad1

    I love all this bitterness. It is like a man might feel after walking 50 miles through a hot desert and discovering an oasis with cool perfect water to just jump in. How satisfied he must be as it washes over him. Your bitterness is that satisfaction to an Alabama fan. Please keep it up. Anything to help you to forget that your team has failed to get over the top and win when it matters most.

  • Johnny Patriot

    Your boss needs to evaluate your skills, this is a terrible article, D!!bA!!