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Utah Basketball: It's Not Me... It's You

I honestly think I have a pretty good handle about what is happening with Utah Basketball.

It’s just that I read twitter and it’s nowhere close to what a great many Utah fans think.  But leave it to a Zoob reporter to summarize how Utah fans view this.

Short of Auburn when it picked up Cam Newton, few teams have improved as fast as Utah. -Jason Franchuk

And I suppose that would be true if Larry had kept last years team and was doing this with them.  But instead he changed the entire roster.  So he doesn’t get a cookie for simply being better than last year.  Last year was a joke caused by Larry’s bungling of the transition and should have no basis in any measure of growth of Utah basketball.

In my mind last year does not exist.

The measure of any growth has to be Jim Boylen’s final year.  We won 13 games that year, 13 games against a much tougher schedule.  To even equal that team that every Ute fan hates, this edition of Larry ball should win at least 16, especially because the Pac-12 just isn’t all that improved.

So what does that mean about last night?

Well there are some very good things and some very bad things.  The good is, that the defense and rebounding are improved.  And the box and one on Haws was a great call.

The bad is that we had no answer for the BYU zone, and worse is that it didn’t look like we sought one.  Also once it was clear BYU was going to go to Carlino, at some point you have to make an adjustment, and we did not.

And there is one more glaring issue out there that we need to mention.  This is probably Dave Rose’s worst team.

I would love to celebrate this Utah team more, but it’s hard with the wild exaggerations we face from you people who feel the need to pump up this team.  Until you folks can be honest about the good and the bad…

I’ll remain the one sane man in a world full of crazy people.

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  • superdoo

    Honest question. Irrespective of last year or whatever else, with the personnel currently on the floor, is this team underachieving or overachieving?

    • Hoyos_Revenge

      That is an interesting and complicated question. And it goes to the heart of why I end up arguing with the Boylen hating Larry Lovers. Those folks claim that the talent is better than what Jim head and the coaching is vastly better. If those two things are true, shouldn’t the results be wildly better. Because they’re on pace to do about what Boylen did in his final year.

      On the other hand, Loveridge is the only real Pac-12 talent, unless Dotson comes on, so maybe they are overachieving.

      Good Question.

      • superdoo

        Interesting that people are arguing that we have better talent than Boylen, because we don’t, yet. More talented than last year, of course, it doesn’t take much to do that.

        I like the potential of a couple of guys, and more that are coming down the pipeline, but I think these guys are getting coached up. That’s a good thing and why I am holding out some hope.

        I always was in the camp of giving Boylen another year, but since that can’t happen, I am at least seeing some positive signs. I mean in a perfect world, Clyburn would have stayed with O’Brien, but so would have Carlon Brown and Henderson with Boylen, and Foster would be healthy.

        Which that sort of dream talk gets me thinking about post 1998 with Rick, and while I agree that mentally he may have lost it, but there were some teams with some bad health breaks that were poised to get to the Final Four. Further into this perfect world, what a setup of Run DMC, Andrew Bogut, Justin Hawkins and Marc Jackson would have been under Majerus.