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Utah Utes Basketball: We're recruiting Miroslav Brzoja. Should we be?

It seems Utah is in the running for a talented Croation guard named Mrioslav Brzoja.

Here are some highlights.

Now Brzoja is a talented player and would be something of a rarity on the Utah Roster, someone worthy of playing in the Pac-12. But I have to ask, what in the hell are we doing in recruiting.

Didn’t we just sign Dakari Tucker? Because Brzoja is the same player only more talented. If he decides to come, are we going to pull Dakari’s LOI or ask Cedric Martin to leave so very late. Maybe it would be more honest to pull the LOI since Dakari will just be transferring anyway.

I get the need to upgrade talent. But why didn’t we hold the scholarhsip? It’s not like there wouldn’t be another Dakari Tucker next year. Instead this is one more instance where the Utah staff looks like it’s either cruel or incompetent.

It just feels like this staff throws stuff at the wall and hope things stick. Like Utah had such a zeal to sign Hearlihy they didn’t bother to find out some things that were common knowledge. They’ve run players without better options. They recruit players only to recruit over them before they’re even here. Brandon Taylor meet Julian Jacobs. There is the incidents with the Sharps, the kid at SLCC and on and on.

Maybe this all works out, but there doesn’t seem to be much long term thinking going into all this.

Of course, if I’d seen the last seven years of Utah basketball and how we’ve treated coaches, maybe I don’t think long term either.

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