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A Friday Tour of the Pac-12

Every now and again we take a look around the rest of the Pac-12 via the other conference blogs on the Fansided network.  I provide you with important links and snarky commentary as needed.

Washington St.:  Here is the start of a series on Coug’s in the NFL.  I’d make a joke here but they all seem too obvious and I have a fondness for Wazzu.

Washington: Lorenzo Romar and the boys are going to Europe and Africa for their international tour this summer.  There is also an interesting take on Phil Knight.

USC: Reign of Troy has been providing some excellent Junior Seau coverage from a USC angle, if you’re interested at all about Seau, you should stop by.

UCLA: Breaking the cardinal rule of their blog, they have an article that doesn’t mention Shabazz Muhammad.  Here is a preview of their spring game.  Also, I’m not sure what the Wooden Fund is, but here are some fun things you might get for donating.

Oregon St.:  It looks like the Beavers might be thinking about firing their coach.  They mention hiring Gary Anderson which I think would be a great hire for the Beavers.

Oregon: The Ducks are saying that Darron Thomas might be an idiot.

Arizona: The Bat Cats (as they say here in Tucson) have a big series against Oregon this weekend.  Next season I’ll have to start paying attention to college baseball as they seem to care about it in the Pac-12.  There is also an article about Arizona athletes having adventures with the police in the offseason.

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  • GoJoeBruinUCLA

    I send out a memo to all our writers: 
    “WE HAVE SOME VERY IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO. Please be sure to write on these things. We want to have the highest traffic and we’ve had higher traffic than Hoyo’s Revenge for two months running, nearly sixtupling their numbers in February and March. We must. Stay. The course.
    FIRST THING: It’s been the one month anniversary since Shabazz came to town. WE NEED A POST commemorating this. People eat this stuff up. 
    SECOND: Shabazz Muhammad was on the L.A. Times. I need TWO WRITERS on this. One to cover the story, and the other to remind us why Shabazz is good enough to be on the LA Times.
    THIRD: The guys at Hoyo’s Revenge are talking smack. Put up another post to remind them that we have Shabazz Muhammad and their basketball team sucks.
    FOURTH: NCAA Women’s Gymnastics. This doesn’t bring in any traffic at all, but they’re really, really hot and Hoyo’s Revenge needs to feel like they have something going for them.
    AND FINALLY: Please post about Shabazz’s recruitment. Do one post for every year he’s been recruited. That amounts to TEN POSTS which will help us with our 30-post minimum.”
    The only thing you need to be concerned about is “We’ve had higher traffic than Hoyo’s Revenge for two months running.” So just shut up and get me some coffee; we’re BUSY down here!
    (Please don’t tell the Keeping It Heel or Victory Bell Rings guys about this.)

  • hoyosrevenge

    You sir are my blogging hero.  I bow to your excellence.