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Holy Crap I Have a Big 12 Source, and Things Do Not Look Good For BYU

Editor’s Note: Turns out I know someone hooked into Big 12 information.  And they gave me a little Big 12 Update so I thought I’d pass it along.  And thank God I don’t have to deal with this as a Ute fan.

First it seems the Big 12 is bound and determined to be on a quixotic quest for Notre Dame.  And to that end they have approached two schools they believe would be popular to the Irish, they are Clemson and Florida St.  There have been serious discussions with them but a hang up seems to be that Clemson has some kind of attachment to Miami and wants them to come along for the ride.  There is resistance to that.  However, Clemson seems much more interested that FSU and Miami might make a nice substitute if FSU passes.  Georgia Tech was also approached but is happy in the ACC.

One school that appears destined for Big 12 membership regardless of what anyone else does is Louisville.  Oklahoma and Kansas pushing this and other schools including Texas probably prefer other members no one is going to move to block this.  In fact they would take Louisville as an 11th or 13th member.  It helps their cause a great deal that they are near West Virginia.

So where does this leave BYU.  Almost certainly on the outside looking in.  The Big 12 has decided to go east so that West Virginia is not on an island and while the BYU brand has appeal, it has nowhere near enough for the Big 12 to look that way.  Even if they were wanted by some schools, Texas and Texas Tech will block their admission, and what Texas wants, Texas gets.

So there you go folks, enjoy.

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  • LoraMcdavid

    BS, you dont know your ass from a hole in the ground.

    • hoyosrevenge

       @LoraMcdavid What is BS exactly?  I passed along some information that I heard from someone I trust.  If you know more, please tell us.

  • orthute

    Hmmmm….your post is almost word for word similar to this post:

  • methodius

    I quit reading after the second sentence containing the grammatical error “they’ve gave” — which my daughter learned was improper in the third grade. It’ is difficult to put stock in a report that opens with an obvious lack of command of the English language. 

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

       @methodius So what’s with you sadistic asshole’ish trolls and grammar? Did your mother restrict you from taking sh**s until you spelled a word correctly or something? Are you doing the same thing with your daughter?
      I mean, is a minor spelling error — not an egregious one, mind you — really enough to take time out of your day to log in, comment, and wait for the damn thing to publish? Hopefully you aren’t doing to your daughter what your mother did to you.

  • hoyosrevenge

    Everyone, methodius has given us all an example of a spelling/grammar flame.  Which is one of the final refuge of someone who can’t refute what was actually said.  Not to mention we all know he did read the entire thing so he could get down here and make such a cutting comment.  You must be so proud for winning the internet today.  Be proud methodious.

  • hoyosrevenge

    I did fix my error though.  Make sure to tell your daughter.