Mandi Picks the First Round of the Midwest Regional...

Hello from Spring Break

Do these picks ever stop.  I totally had to reschedule a Mani-Pedi today just to do this.  But I’m going to give you what you want, if there is one thing Mandi isn’t, its a tease.  So lets see what we have going today.

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina

North Carolina vs Vermont/Lamar

I think we all know to pick North Carolina here.  I think everyone knows that North Carolina must be better at basketball than Vermont even if Vermont gets to play with an extra guy named Lamar.

What they lack in looks they make up for in effort.

Creighton vs Alabama

I like Catholic School Girl outfits and I don’t like boys who think its ok to sleep with their sister.  And what is that stupid haircut every guy in Alabama has.  Gross.

I really hoped for a better picture from Cal.

Temple vs Cal/USF

OK I’ve heard of Cal.  And South Florida is a great place to party.  I don’t know where this Temple is but I don’t think they’ll win.  In fact Cal would win this game alone even without help from South Florida.

Hail Hail to Michigan, Champions of the West

Michigan vs Ohio

I just found out that Ohio and Ohio St aren’t the same thing.  Why Ohio St., isn’t named Ohio I’ll never understand.  But since this isn’t Ohio St., I pick Michigan.


San Diego St vs North Carolina St

Athletes like hot girls and I have to imagine there are more hot girls at San Diego St than at North Carolina’s little brother school.

Not sure what's going on here.

Georgetown vs Belmont

Yeah you know I love a Catholic school girl outfit as much as the next girl.  But someone told me to pick some upsets.  I knew a law student from Georgetown who tried to grab my ass without even buying me a drink.  I know nothing about them but GO BELMONT.

Yeah, Sorry.

St. Mary’s vs Purdue

Yes I’m going back on what I just said.  But Purdue is a place where fat girls go because they can’t get dates, so I’m going Catholic School Girl again.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk Indeed.

Kansas vs Detroit

Now I’m not a huge Kansas fan, because they secretly enjoy sex with relatives as much as Alabama or Mississippi.  But Detroit is so poor, I’m not sure they get to practice with a ball.



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