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We Hardly Knew Ye...

Marshall Marshall Marshall

Utah has lost so many players over the last few seasons, I thought it would be interesting to see where they’ve all been and how they’re doing.  This idea came to me through an odd fascination with Marshall Henderson.  (Note: Nothing I say here means I think we should have kept Marshall or that we should bring him back.  I find him interesting and I like a comeback story so I hope he’s gotten his head on straight.)

So Marshall Henderson is a nice place to begin this post.

Marshall is at South Plains JC.  And he is kicking ass.  South Plains is the best JC team in the country, one game away from running the table at the JC level.  And Marshall is their best player.  In fact he’ll probably be JC Player of the Year.  He’s averaging around 20 a game and has a few 30 point games.  Some name school will take a chance on Marshall.

Carlon Brown as everyone knows is as Colorado.  What fascinates me about Carlon is the revisionist history being written about Carlon by many Ute fans.  When Carlon was here A LOT of people wanted Carlon gone.  Now Carlon was a misunderstood genius who Boylen screwed up.  The most amusing story line is how Carlon is SO MUCH BETTER at Colorado.  Except not at all.  Here are Carlon’s stats his final year at Utah.  And here are his stats at Colorado.  To lazy to push the link.

Colorado 11.9 PPG 3.5 RPG 2.1 APG
Utah        12.6 PPG 4.1 RPG 2.5 APG

Jordan Cyphers got upset that Marshall was getting big minutes when he wasn’t and got mad and pouted away his opportunity at Utah.  He’s at Tenn St. now.  Before we taunt him, don’t forget Tenn St. is the one team to beat Murray St. this year.  Tenn St. is 2nd in the Ohio Valley, and nearing 20 wins.  Cyphers averages 8.6 PPG 1.7 RPG .8 APG.  He also hit the free throw to seal the game against Tenn St.

Chris Kupets, the guy Ute fans really love to hate.  Chris had to transfer down to play his senior year and is at Vanguard University where he is averaging 14.4 PPG.  The thing about Chris, without Jiggy he’d have probably been the 3rd best player on our team.  I know Ute fans love to throw him and DiMaria up as examples of bad recruiting but they were the exact same things as Farr, Martin and Dawson, one year roster fillers getting a tryout.

BTW, I forgot where DiMaria ended up and I couldn’t find him.  Also, if anyone knows whatever happened to Matt Read, let me know.

What will be more interesting to see what happens with the group who become eligible next year, Will Clyburn, J.J. O’Brien, Shawn Glover and wait for it… Jace Tavita who is at Hawaii.  Dom Lee will also be an interesting case.  He has been mostly injured at Casper College this season (landed there after Larry dumped him so late he couldn’t find anywhere else).  But he’s looked solid in his few chances and he’ll get an opportunity to play somewhere.

Hope y’all enjoyed that trip down memory lane.


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