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Utah Hoops Has 7 errr… Make That 6 New Recruits Coming In…

So I guess now we’ll see what kind of “culture” that Larry is really bringing to Utah.

If you’ve been looking for stats on Utah commit Justin Seymour and can’t find them, there is a reason.  Justin was declared academically ineligible for the season at his high school in Wheeler, GA.  A message board reports he has transferred to a private school in North Carolina.  And a tweets from the coach at the school which he describes as,

M.A.C.K. Prep Elite Training Academy. A Prep/Post Grad program developing the next class of Division 1 student-athletes!!

says that Justin has scored in double figures there at least twice.

Now first I want to say, I hope that Justin gets the academics straightened out.  In Finding Forrester, Sean Connery said something like, “Don’t Fuck Up Your Life By Being 17.”

And I would love for Justin to join Utah, in two years after some time at Junior College to make sure he’s on track.

But this transfer smells fishy.  And doing this then bringing the kid to Utah under these circumstances feels like setting the kid up for failure.

It will be interesting to see where this falls in Larry’s world of “culture change.”


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  • Abarr83

    If he goes to the prep school and qualifies to play d1, what is wrong with that? Maybe that is not what you are saying, but lots of kids go to “sports prep schools” and go on to play d1. Oak Hill Academy is a common one for elite b ballers.

    • hoyosrevenge

       @Abarr83 I get going to prep school for a year, but a mid year panic transfer after he isn’t eligible.  I find that troubling.

    • hoyosrevenge

       @Abarr83 Going to Prep school for a year I get.  A mid year panic transfer has the feel of taking 40 hours of BYU independent study to be eligible.  It just feels wrong.

    • 100ThingsUtah

       @Abarr83 Oak Hill ain’t a prep school. It’s a legit high school with kids in grades 9-12. Just a clarification on that aspect. Knowing what I know about prep schools, if Seymour has to go JUCO after a year at a prep school, the odds of him ever making it to Utah drop significantly. Which really doesn’t bother me that much, because Larry is recruiting over just about everyone.

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  • Abarr83

    Thanks for the clarification on Oak Hill. Lets just hope he is able to get qualified and is as good as the players that come from Oak Hill. :)