The Faith Promoting Story

There is no Larry but Larry...

Utah gets a win in hoops yesterday over Arizona St. team that has quit on their coach, and Ute fans are alive with glee.  Utah fans are also decidedly crapping on Jiggy, despite the fact we’d have won no other games without the guy.  Also we’re operating under the idea that a guy averaging 5 assists a game was selfish.  And that a guy who was very popular with his teammates was a cancer.  Seems strange.

I’ve simply don’t get why Utah fans have been so very willing to tell lies about Boylen and Jiggy and not face the realities of the hoops program.  But I think I have the answer, the stories about Boylen and Jiggy are simply faith promoting stories, stories people tell themselves to make believing easier.  Facing all the realities of Ute hoops is hard, believing nonsense and making the blame easy, makes it all better.

Faith promoting stories are wildly popular in Utah.  Hell, BYU has spun the greatness of their athletic department around faith promoting stories.  So when Utah fans need an explanation, they are very accepting of stories like Boylen got everyone to leave or Jiggy is a selfish bad guy because it gives them an easy answer.  Despite their not being an ounce of evidence to back up either story.

Right now there seems to be a strange amount of faith in Larry, without anything to back it up.  Maybe he works out, maybe he doesn’t but if you’re looking for hard evidence, it doesn’t exist.  So when you have faith, you need stories that verify that faith.

And boy are Utah fans bringing the stories.

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  • LOL Corner

    Utes win and your response is to write a blog about how Utah fans are buying into lies. I still think it is hilarious that you are down there in Arizona pretending like you know whether or not a player is popular among his team mates. Acting as if you have enough insight to say whether or not what a coach says is a lie or not.

    Utah wins, you should be celebrating, instead you are still trying to tear down a coach that you have wanted fired since day 1.

    You excuse away the Arizona State win by saying that they have “quit” on their coach, the exact same thing that you said about this Utah team weeks ago. So, which is it? Did Arizona State’s players quit “more” than Utah’s? Or did Utah’s roster suddenly decide to “un-quit” on Larry?

    • Crimson

      Isn’t this the same comment you wrote the other day? The question still stands, why do you keep running here to read my blog if its so bothersome? A question you never answer. So thanks for continuing to read my blog, why you do it I don’t understand.

  • LOL Corner

    I check in on your blog every once in a while to remind myself of how not to act as a fan. To remind myself that, in spite of how many great fans we have, there are still horrible fans in our fanbase.

    Now I have answered your question, why don’t you answer mine?

    • Crimson

      Yes, I’m sure you check my blog because you want to know how not to act as a fan and not because you can’t help yourself and secretly think I’m right. As for you question, I can actually confirm stories that I hear, instead of the shit you and the myopics buy and spread despite them not even making sense. So thanks for your continued readership.

  • LOL Corner

    Like you “confirmed” stories about the team quitting on Coach K? How come a team that quit on their coach so many weeks ago is consistently improving?

    How is it, again, that you are “confirming” these stories and rumors that you are spreading? “heartlessute” on uz.n is not a reliable source to confirm your bullshit rumors.

    • Crimson

      Do you even know how to read, a team that loses by 30 at home Fullerton isn’t working real hard. As for consistent improvement, you are seriously discussing beating the dumpster fire that is Arizona St., as improving. And so what if they do improve, no one from this team is going to see meaningful minutes next year.

      Simply because you have no source at all and don’t know anything, is no reason to attack others. Seriously, making up an entire email address just to attack me on my comments section, pretty pathetic.

      I mean Larry’s brother is retarded but at least he has the courage to admit who he is.

      But thanks for your continued readership.

  • LOL Corner

    Hey, thanks for pointing out the Fullerton game. Utah loses to them by 30 and now they have beaten Washington State, Arizona State, lost to Washington by 3, and Stanford by 3. Seems to me that a team that was getting blown out by teams like CSF that is now losing nail biters to Washington and 5-loss Stanford has improved.

    I have asked you, multiple times now, who your sources are and you come back with “You don’t have any sources.” Which can only lead us to believe that neither do you.

    As for “making up an entire email” I have no idea what you are talking about. This has been my email address for years.

    • Crimson

      Yes, we beat Wazzu when they went 10-22 from the line. Arizona St is actually in worse shape than us. When we beat a team that either isn’t going to fire their coach or starts 4 freshmen then wake me.

      See the thing about sources, if I name them, they aren’t my sources.

      But you actually believe things that don’t make sense. And as for all your problems with me you certainly go out of your way to interact with me. Notice how I just blocked you and moved on. It seems that made you really sad and you just need me in your life.

      And yes you didn’t make up this email, yes I’m sure you didn’t that’s why you left a comment from a different email but the same IP months ago.

      I dare you to simply walk away not respond to this and never read my blog again. I dare you, but you can’t can you. Because you’re weak.