Well at least we're not the Big 10.

I had no idea what photo to go with, so I went with this.

If Stanford’s kicker could make a kick, this would have been a good few days for the Pac-12.  Utah came from 14 down to beat Ga. Tech in OT.  Oregon survived Wisconsin and Stanford could have knocked it on home if their kicker hadn’t choked on a big ol’ chicken bone.  Meanwhile the Big 10 has moved to 1-9 over the past two New Years Day.  Hell two of their wins in other bowls this year were over Western Michigan and a coachless UCLA team that would be moving to a losing record.

At some point the national media has to stop pumping up the Big 10 right? RIGHT?

Every year we’re forced to see some Big 10 school be ranked very high.  Only to watch them flop.  Maybe we’ll get a year off with Ohio State’s one year bowl ban.  But I’m sure someone will fill their spot.

At the same time the Pac-12 will be dismissed, even though Oregon and Stanford will probably finish 4th and 5th and USC would have been seriously in the mix as well.  It’s a shame the Pac 12 isn’t in the Eastern Time Zone or we’d be getting treated like we were the SEC and we wouldn’t be watching that damn rematch.

As for next year, the Pac-12 will be very interesting.  USC has to be the favorite as the sanctions still won’t be taking hold and Matt Barkley is coming back to win the Heisman.  Utah has a chance to be very good if Jordan Wynn could stay healthy, plus USC comes to Salt Lake City.

In the North, Oregon will of course be the favorite and Stanford is going to take some kind of step back.  Washington will be very good on offense and couldn’t be worse on defense.  But the most interesting questions, what effect will Rich Rod and  Mike Leach have?

Next year is going to be the start of A LOT of FUN in the Pac-12.  Great Coaches all over. A real TV deal.  USC can play for the title.  ITS GOING TO BE A BLAST.

Too bad 3/4′s of the nation will miss it being told that the Big 10 is better.

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    They’re talking shit on you over on Utefans.net because of your stance on the drum and feather logo. They’re saying you called into 1280am with your take. UtahUte72 called you “thin-skinned”, said you “can dish it out but can’t take it”, and ConvertedCoug even went so far as to say the he knows you in real life and that you’re thin-skinned. What a bunch of assholes over there, attacking someone who can’t defend himself. UF.N is an embarrassment to U of U athletics, bunch of drama queen assholes.

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      Moose I go back and forth on you. Thanks for the heads up. I’m cool with you hanging around and I’ll even unblock you on twitter if you’ll just agree to post your opinions and not go after other people. Guys like Mullet are my friends and I don’t want this to be a place where people take crap. Can you just do that for me? I would appreciate it.

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    I will not give Mullet any more crap. I apologize for the other day, I was just in a rotten mood and all of the sudden felt like attacking someone. Mullet was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I regret it very much, Mullet is a good man.

    As for Utefans.net, it’s obvious that you’re on the high road and they are well below you. That place is becoming just a giant piece of crap. I’d like to see BlockU’s forum get more traffic and eventually just take UF.N’s place. JazzyUte could make it happen, he’s solid.