A Hodge Podge Blog Post...

I’ve been sick for a few days and didn’t much have the energy to sit here and think up something interesting for you people to read.  So I took some time off.  So here is some catch-up.

First thanks for all of you who continue to check out and read this blog, my numbers continue nice steady growth.  So Thank You.

Next, the Mighty Runnin’ Utes Larryballers got their 2nd win of the season and 1st over Divison One competition, I mean if you can call Idaho St. that with a straight face.  Seems much of our success comes from Tommy Connor talking Larry into some different offense because our guys suck and can’t run the Super-Larry offense or whatever its called.  Seems also Tommy was the guy who got Jordan Loveridge here.  Maybe we should have just hired Tommy.

Looking at the start of Bowl week, Wyoming and Utah St. lost to Temple and Ohio respectively.  Way to start things off with a bang western schools.  Expect Mandi to return later in the week and make some bowl picks.

The Larryballers play the powerful Pilots of Portland tonight.  Portland is in serious rebuild mode this season and is Larry and the Gang’s final chance to get a win this season, unless ASU swallows a chicken bone at the JMHC.  So head on out.  Both of you.

Some things to look forward too this week at the Corner, Mandi (of course), I wonder about Utah fans, we check in on Gonzaga, UCSB and SLU and we’ll see what else comes up.

Again, thanks for way more support for this thing than I ever thought I’d get.  And keep spreading the word.


  • http://www.utefans.net The Moose’s Whistle

    First off, sorry to hear about your poor health.

    I’m excited to see this site grow. My hope is that it will gain enough followers that you can begin your own Ute fan message board. I will fund this endeavor, name the price, I’ll scratch the check.

    I wish you wouldn’t diminish the win against Idaho State. It was a double-digit win against a team which was favored to beat us. Fact is, that’s two games in a row now that the team has exceeded expectations and shown improvement. Baby steps, as you so patiently said while Jim Boylen was here. Maybe if Jim Boylen had hired Tommy Connor we would have won some local recruiting battles and it would have saved his job.

    Wyoming should have beat Temple, that was inexcusable and an embarrassment to the West. Utah State continues to do what a Gary Anderson coached team does: choke away 4th quarter leads. When you saw that Ohio had to drive 70 yards with less than 2 minutes remaining, was there any doubt that Ohio would win that game? No. Hopefully the West looks better in the remaining bowl games. I won’t check out Mandi’s picks, I object to objectification of women.

  • http://www.utefans.net The Moose’s Whistle

    This is off the topic, but you have blocked me from twitter and won’t respond to e-mails…do you watch Breaking Bad? What an awesome television series! I strongly recommend it.

  • http://www.utefans.net The Moose’s Whistle

    What’s your take on Utah gymnastics? My take is that gymnastics is a sport that exploits and harms young women; it stunts their growth, and most gymnastics coaches are child molesters. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see a huge SEX scandal surface at the U of U with the gymnastics program. A wise Athletic Director would drop that program as quick as he could.