Why isn't the Salt Lake Media trying to write about this story about Utah Hoops?

This guy loves to cause trouble, why won't he write the great story that will cause it.

I just read Gordon Monson’s article about Utah basketball being an embarrassment.  So let’s thank Gordo for just stumbling into the fact that most of us have known since everyone left the team.  But the column was his typical rambling crap.  Honestly, I think I put more work into these blog posts than any of the SLC columnists do with their own columns.  Seriously, just pay me to do it, I’ll at least be far more interesting.

But there is an amazing story here and no one is writing about it.  And, I’d at least like to know why they aren’t writing it.   The story that is sitting here is about all the departures in the off-season.  The first thing that everyone needs to get is that nothing like that has ever happened ever in the history of college hoops.  Not even at schools facing the death penalty.

Isn’t that a story worth writing about?

There are two sides to this story.  There is the one the pro-Larry forces have been running via the famous Utah whisper campaign, that Jim Boylen tampered with the players and got them all to leave.  Now I’m nearly certain this is almost crap for reasons I’ll explain in a minute.  The other side to this story is that Larry just might have made this happen with Chris Hill’s support in order to make the program appear like its getting better because this year would be just so terrible (although I don’t think they planned on worst team in the nation horrible).  Again I’ll tell you why I think this is the case in a minute.

BTW, Boylen tampering story is so popular Bill Reilly, the Voice of the Utes has openly tweeted about it, so he must be willing to go on the record about it.

But EITHER WAY, isn’t there an amazing story there that just isn’t being told?  Either you have a guy almost universally well thought of outside of Utah and who was nothing but class here, trying to take revenge on a program, or you have a new coach with the support of his A.D. trying purposfully to destroy a program.  HOW IS THAT NOT A STORY THAT YOU WANT TO READ.  HOW IS THAT NOT A STORY THAT SOMEONE SHOULD write.

For the record, I don’t buy the Boylen story at all.

First I’ve been told by at least three people “in the know” that its complete crap.  Also, how does that make any sense.  What does Boylen gain by doing this?  Nothing.  And if it were true, would another college come near a guy who did that to a school going out the door?  Considering Jim was a finalist for the Penn State job after he was fired at Utah, it would seem Penn St., thought there was nothing to it.

As for Larry running everyone.  First, we have him blowing off two meetings with JJ O’Brien and his mother, confirmed by nothing less that JJ’s mother.  Then we have comments coming from Larry about wanting player who don’t want to just play for a coach but want to have Utah on their chest.  That sounds like moronic shit that comes from the dumbest of the Ute fan base.  As if its a bad thing a coach could get guys who wouldn’t normally come to that school, but I digress.

But I only have limited to no access to these people.  This story is staring the Salt Lake Media in the face.  Why won’t any of them write about it?

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