Stop………. RUMOR TIME (Utah Basketball Coaches Edition)

I’ve heard these in multiple places from multiple independent sources so I’m going to report them.  Plus I’m just some stupid blogger so there are no standards for me.

Rumor #1- Rick Majerus wanted to return to the University of Utah this year when the job opened.  He would have coached for two years and then we turn the reigns over to Alex Jensen.  Now I heard this during the coaching search and I was opposed, but that was before we knew Larry was getting the job.  Considering the Cav’s thought enough of Alex to make him head coach of their D-League team, he’s probably got some talent.  We couldn’t be worse off than we are.

Rumor #2- Dave Rose actually did want the job.  Multiple people including members of Dave’s actual family said that he would have made the move if Utah had simply written the check.  Instead, Hill offered less than BYU did.  Considering he tried to bargain shop Randy Bennett, I’m am now a believer in this rumor.

Rumor #3- Seems the Good Doctor lied to coach Larry and because of it Larry may be looking to get out of Utah sooner rather than later.  Will Clyburn came to Utah for Boylen.  He had know Boylen his entire life, his girlfriend was at Iowa St., he had no family in Utah.  Plus he didn’t want to start over under a new coach.  Seems Hill told Larry it was possible to keep Clyburn, when in fact it was almost certain he leaves if Boylen is fired.

Just more warm fuzzies about Utah Hoops

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  • Eric

    Shambles. Utter and complete shambles. It’s going to take a miracle to fix this mess.

    I don’t see Utah winning another game on their schedule.

  • Mullet Ute


    #2…that’s tough; 15 wins for certain this year and set up for longterm success thereafter had Rose been named.

    #3…Even if Hill promised, you’d be pretty naive to think he had a chance at keeping Clyburn (Rose would’ve had a better chance, but I’d still think he would’ve left).

    Eff Off

    • Crimson

      Considering who we got, I’d have danced at the Rick-Alex combo. The Dave Rose thing, man that hurts.

      • The Moose’s Whistle

        But if we had let Big Rick come back, you would not have known that Coach Krystkowiak would have been Hill’s alternate choice and you’d be bitching up a storm that Big Rick had only won 3 games at this point.

  • Bernie

    The “no standards” comment makes your blatherdom status official. That sums it up nicely.