Utah Hoops Preview 2012-13 Season

Lost in all the Larry talk, how awful that facial hair is.

I, like everyone else have been wondering what to expect of Utah Hoops with the arrival of Larry Ball.  But upon contemplating things, whatever happens this year is pretty pointless.  Next season we will have six new guys who are all probably going to see some kind of serious minutes.  Considering that Utah hoops starts new again next year, it is much more effective to preview what next season might look like.  Let’s begin with the roster.

Dawson 6-5 JR
Dean 5-10 JR
Dotson 6-4 JR
Farr 6-6 SR
Hines 6-0 SR
Martin 6-4 SR
Matthews 6-5 SO
Odunsi 6-3 SO
Storey 5-10 SO
Washburn 6-10 SR
Hearily 6-6 FR
Loveridge 6-6 FR
Seymour 6-3 FR
Olsen 7-0 FR

Now the first thing you’ll notice is that is 14 names. Meaning someone has to go. The early candidates would have to be one of the junior wings, Dawson, Farr or Martin.  We have a bevy of wings. The other option is that Mr. Odunsi will be asked to leave as Seymour seems to be the same kind of player. And all that assumes there are no more recruits.

Second, you’ll notice what is a bit of a scary theme is a real lack of size, only Washburn and Olsen have it.  And as they say you can’t coach size.

So what will a starting line up look like. Well Dean and Dotson didn’t transfer here not to start so you have to figure they will. One would also figure George Matthews will also retain a staring job he’s sure to have this year. The rest depends upon whether Washburn or Olson have the 5 and Washburn can play the four. I was also told Loveridge was promised a starting position, but that is just a rumor.

This team will have to find a way to keep bigger and probably still more talented teams off of the boards and will need to score from range.

I think the conclusion you have to come to is that year two isn’t going to be a great year either, although the talent will be better.

The Larry era from here on out will be determined on his ability to get some size into the program. I’m told he’s after it so lets hope its true.

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